London Hair Cleanse ACV 300ml


London Hair Cleanse ACV 300ml


This apple cider vinegar hair treatment eliminates build up on the hair shaft and restores the scalp to its correct pH level, leaving hair and scalp feeling fresh and healthy. 


- Great for hair detox: removes build up (styling products, sebum, etc).
- Excellent for keeping in new colour.

This product has not been tested on any animals.

Directions: Use this hair clarifying treatment weekly or fortnightly. After shampooing, massage the cleanse through the lengths of your hair, right to the tips, ensuring your hair is fully coated. Lightly rinse. No need for conditioner: this is a natural conditioning treatment!

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Ingredients: Vinegar (apple cider),* aqua (water), extract apple fragrance oil.

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