How do I use London Hair Cleanse?

Check out our page How to use London Hair Cleanse and if you have any further questions please email us

How long to leave apple cider vinegar on hair?

Leave the rinse on your hair for 1-2 minutes then rinse with water.

How often should I use London Hair Cleanse?

We recommend using the apple cider vinegar hair treatment every week to two weeks depending on how your thick your hair is. Beware of using it too often as some natural oils in hair are good and you do not want to strip them out. 

Apple cider vinegar rinse before or after conditioner?

Wash your hair as normal using your regular shampoo and then rinse your hair with London Hair Cleanse. Apple cider vinegar is naturally conditioning so some people will not need to condition afterwards however if your hair is particularly dry you might want to use it - it is up to the type of hair you hair.

Does London Hair Cleanse test on animals?

No we do not directly test on animals, just on ourselves however sadly we cannot guarantee any additives have not be not been tested on animals in their manufacturing.

How much product should I use?

Use enough to ensure your hair is covered from root to tip especially focusing on your scalp just be careful to avoid your eyes. 

Can I recycle the bottle?

The bottle is made with recyclable materials and yes please recycle it when you have finished!

Can I drink London Hair Cleanse?

No please do not drink London Hair Cleanse. Yes it is a natural hair treatment but we use perfume and no body wants to drink that.