Review: Neutrogena Shampoo Anti-Residue

Through out my battle with hard water for the past 3 years I have tried a lot of products. When googling how to combat hard water a lot of blogs suggested using clarifying shampoo. And in the list of shampoos to try this one was pretty high up the list for most bloggers. Sadly it is very difficult to get in the UK however it can be easily bought on Amazon and shipped. Keep an eye on this also as the price seems to change quite frequently and my last bottle only cost 48p which is an absolute bargain considering there was free shipping and it was coming from the US.

Name: Neutrogena Shampoo Anti-Residue

Comment: I like this product. I think I will always keep a bottle handy as the smell isn't to pungent and my hair does feel clean afterwards. However I worry that it is harsh on my hair and dries it out. I always use a deep conditioning treatment afterwards. I also feel that although I am washing the excess minerals out of my hair when I rinse out the shampoo the minerals are being put back in and ruining all the clarifying work. 

Rating: 9/10